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RCV Offers Tube/Pipe Traction Unit With Following Features : » Up to 6 belt tracting device to suit pipe diameters » Different line speeds can be changed through change of sprockets (on request) » Track adjustment by pneumatic control » Self adjustment track suspension provided » Counter balance pressure to balance track weight for thin pipes offered » Encoder for length measurement & feed back arrangement offered optionally » Easy accessibility for maintenance of all components » Dual twin-track traction units for dual pipe extrusion line » Easily removable rubber pads / Molded Rubber Chain. Traction Machine Tube Traction Machine Tube traction unit haul off machine cater piller machine
RCV Engineering india private limited 400 mm PVC PIpe Extrusion Line includes 400 mm stainless steel spray tank for pipe plant 400 mm 4 track Tube traction unit 400 mm Planetory Cutting Unit 400 MM tube Tilting Unit With weight Measurement system dispatched For More information email us cell : +91 9510010091